Day 51 to 54: Protoplay

Meet the big tent. Situated outside the Caird Hall in Dundee this is where Protoplay takes place. And when I say its a big tent, I mean its a biiiiggg tent.


Last year Protoplay saw around 12000 people visit it over the four day period, and this year was no different. We were overwhelmed by how many people enjoyed playing our game, and how many people were willing to wait to play it! Our stall was never anything other than busy!


Over the course of Protoplay, we have been judges by industry professional from companies ranging from Ubisoft to our local Ninja Kiwi. The main prize is a BAFTA called ‘The ones to watch’ award. This year the main prize was sponsored by Sony and this years winning teams were Overly Kinetic, Torque and Too Mainstream. Torque also won the Channel 4 award, and A Fox Wot I Drew won the Design in Action Award. The Audience Award went to Taleforge with World Eater while the Team Choice Award went to the Pillowettes with D-Bug.

And we are delighted to say that Seek won the Artistic Achievement Award, sponsored by The Foundry. As a prize, we each were given a year long subscription to their production collection giving us access to software including Nuke and Heiro. We are ecstatic! Not only is it great recognition, but the prize is absolutely fantastic to get when we’re going in to our final year at University! We were all so happy to win the award, and as the only Abertay Team to win a prize, we have made our lecturers proud!

the foundry

the foundry prizeAfter the awards ceremony, we packed up our stalls and cleared out the big tent to make way for the evenings celebrations. While that was being set up, we all headed to get some well deserved food, before returning for the Northern Lights Ceilidh. A modern take on a traditional dance. And I think we will all admit it was the best ceilidh’s we had ever been too! The band was fantastic and all of the teams came together for one final time, before we all started heading home the next day.

We all agree, Dare was a fantastic experience, and we have not only improved our technical skills, but we have built lifelong friendships.
dare group photo