About Seek

Using your iOS device as a ‘window to the world’, find your hidden friends in an exploration game around a forgotten island. With each friend found, a new perception is unlocked, allowing you to further explore the island and its secrets.

Seek was originally made for the international gaming competition Dare to be Digital. Over a seven week period, the five person team developed the game, receiving industry mentoring along the way. Seek is made in Unreal Engine 4, and coded completely through BluePrint.

Since Dare, the team has been polishing the game ready for release on iOS and showcasing at events across the country. Most notably Seek was showcased at EGX as part of Unreal Engine’s Stand Out Indie Games booth. It was also featured on the side of Unreal Engine’s booth at GDC.

Honours & Awards
Artistic Achievement Award 2014: Dare to be Digital sponsored by The Foundry.
Best Student Game Award 2014: TIGA
BAFTA Scotland New Talent Game Award 2015: BAFTA Scotland

Firstly we would like to thank our fantastic audio designer Eden Morrison and our voice actor Mel.

As we created Seek as part of Dare to be Digital, we’d like to thank all of the teams who took part, you are all incredibly talented and were super fun to work with. We’d also like to thank the staff that made the competition possible, Elaine, Nick, Laurel and Hannah, and the mentors who advised us along the way.

We’re all students of Abertay University so we’d like to thank all of our lecturers for their guidance and the university for its support.

We’d also like to thank Epic Games for their continued support on the project – it’s been really exiting to be able to work with them and, of course, without Unreal 4 this would have been a very different game.

And last, but definitely not least, we’d like to say a great big thank you to our family and friends who have supported us along the way.



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